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The Mapbox, is an impressive combination of 3D mapping and animation that is sure to captivate your audience. This compelling digital experience consists of projection on an object while having a fully animated background. This fully synchronized combination is the marketers’ trophy and is applicable on a wide range of products to attract and promote.

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Amaze your audience with this breathtaking holographic display which can create holographic illusions on any type of real-time content to enchant people passing by. This unit is excellent for shopping malls, exhibitions, airports and other areas where you have heavy foot traffic and want to mesmerize your audience. Displays can be customized to feature one, three or four sides of the image.

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Z hollow

The first of its kind, Zhollow, is the perfect combination of Holographic Animations and 3D Mapping. This super impressive, eye catching display features the simultaneous application of holographic animations and 3D mapping on a real time tangible element.

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This on demand technology offers unlimited applications and interactive experiences. It facilitates both communication and interaction while exposing and promoting any product and brand leading to high ROI. Used in a wide variety of environments, such as museums, shops, restaurants or business receptions, touch tables cases are illuminated in a display area that can show multimedia content in front of the products placed inside the unit.

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Used at banks, malls, car companies and basically any retail company, this standalone kiosk with an eye catching advertising panel is a highly potential innovation for interaction and communication.

For banks, customers would be delighted with the Octokiosk that can be enhanced with an ATM terminal, internet banking, and a general purpose interactive station that cuts queues and saves time.

For other companies, the general purpose interactive station promotes exposure for the product or brand and simulation will take customers to the next level of product customization.

3D mapping

With its breathtaking, real-time 3D rendering engine, the illusion of everyday and static objects around us become animated and playfully warped.

3D projection mapping uses a single or many projectors to map three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane meaning a real time object like a building can be transformed into a screen and walls can be projected on to it with cool 3D effects without it being distorted.

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Interactive Vitrine

The interactive vitrine targets public advertising attraction-focused events.
Motion controlled, this fascinating interactive display system guarantees public capture especially when the passerby sees himself projected in the window.

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Transparent touch

The transparent touch display is a striking and innovative product that allows you to work on a big transparent screen with just your hands.

This innovation incorporates touch with holographic effects which interacts animation and images with real physical objects on a transparent screen. This impressive display showcase, fully equipped with a transparent active matrix LED on the front side, can be applied in vitrines, malls, schools, retail, window displays and many more.

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